Skip to 6:07 to see the details on the boats as seen in the video. Video by VideoGameEphemera's Channel


Okay, so in the old 1999 Midway Promo Video, particularly in the Hydro Thunder segment, there is a part of it that shows the specs of the nine main boats. What this blog post talks about, is the Classes of each of the nine boats in the game. From what I could see, each boat is classified based on its design, capabilities, and boat type.


"Open" Class seem to denote boats with two parallel hulls of equal proportion (like catamarans).


"Sportsman" Class may apply to anything that's got a Deep V-shaped hull.


"Ultimate" Class appears to denote anything that's got a three-way split hull (as in a hydroplane) or one hull with two outrigger hulls (as in a trimaran).

Offshore and Super Boat

"Offshore" and/or "Super Boat" class boats are most likely the mixed nuts among the boat classifications or are unique classifications of their own.


  • A notation: Some boats, like Miss Behave, have an "A" notation in their boat Class. I can assume that it is one tier below boats with "S" notations in their boat Classes.
  • S notation: Boats like Razorback and Cutthroat have an S in their boat classifications, probably indicating that they're top tier boats
  • Modified notation: This may be similar to A Class boats in which they are one tier below Super Unlimited notated boats
  • Super Unlimited notation: An equivalent notation to S Class boats.
  • No notation: Can still be on the same tier as "A" notated boats. Maybe not.

Boats by Classification





Boats with unknown classifications