Psyclone is an Expert-level boat that appears exclusively in Hydro Thunder Hurricane for the Microsoft Xbox 360.

This boat, in addition to Whiplash and the upgraded "X" versions of the Novice- and Pro-level boats, could only be obtained within the game via purchasing and downloading the Tempest Pack DLC on the Xbox Live Marketplace.


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Salvaged from an old bootlegging operation, Psyclone's 8000-HP fan puts the power of tornados at your command. It's crazy fast on the water and in the air...if you can control it.


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  • Psyclone uses a fan, albeit for its main engine, rather than Miss Behave's incarnation in the original Hydro Thunder, where it used a fan as a part of its booster system.
  • Psyclone is one of two boats that, according to their description, was salvaged. The other is Miss Behave.