• JustAlex93

    For this blog post, we're talking about something that I think may get your attention. I believe, that Hydro Thunder Hurricane takes place in a different continuity than in the original game. Why would I think this, you ask?

    • There is absolutely no mention of the H.T.R.A. in Hydro Thunder Hurricane whatsoever, not even in the Tsunami Bowl track!
    • Rad Hazard's description in Hurricane did not say that the boat was made with scrap parts found outside of Area 51.
    • Cutthroat's description in Hurricane doesn't mention any military hardware that's "borrowed" (stolen) by the H.T.R.A.
    • The Mighty Hull doesn't show up in Hurricane, although it did in GO, but again, no mention of the H.T.R.A.
    • Midway did noy appear in Hurricane, and in its place was Vector. That is becaus…

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  • JustAlex93

    Skip to 6:07 to see the details on the boats as seen in the video. Video by VideoGameEphemera's Channel

    Okay, so in the old 1999 Midway Promo Video, particularly in the Hydro Thunder segment, there is a part of it that shows the specs of the nine main boats. What this blog post talks about, is the Classes of each of the nine boats in the game. From what I could see, each boat is classified based on its design, capabilities, and boat type.

    "Open" Class seem to denote boats with two parallel hulls of equal proportion (like catamarans).

    "Sportsman" Class may apply to anything that's got a Deep V-shaped hull.

    "Ultimate" Class appears to denote anything that's got a three-way split hull (as in a hydroplane) or one hull with two outrigger hulls (as …

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